Blr 50.000 for croquettes made of bread

The Vitsebsk temporary detention facility has estimated oppositionist Yauhen Hutsalau’s keeping in custody at 300.000 Belarusian rubels (appr. $35).

On September 19, 2012 the activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) was charged with unsanctioned picketing and sentenced to seven days of arrest. After being released he has to transfer money for his six-day stay to the facility’s account . Thus, each day spent under arrest will cost Mr Hutsalau Blr 50.000 (appr.$6)

“The conditions of confinement were terrible: there was tattered bedclothing and dirty mattress. One had to take a bottle of water when visiting the toilet there. The only food we got was porridge and croquettes made mainly of bread,” Yauhen Hutsalau told Belsat TV.

Human rights defender Nasta Loyka states that every month she helps people compose and file complaints against confinement conditions.

“In Minsk prices are the same. Certainly, it is nonsense. They include food; in my opinion the meals provided in temporary detention facilities do not cost so much,” she said.

According to Nasta Loyka, courts decline to investigate complaints against poor conditions of confinement claiming that the issue is beyond their competence. For example, human rights activists have been in communication with the notorious temporary facility in Akrestsina street since 2004.

“They admit that the confinement conditions do not conform with standards and repeatedly say that they are doing their best, But only recently the facility has been closed for repairs,” the human rights defender said.


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