Maxim Zhbankou ousted from Film Festival Listapad jury

The film critic associates the decision with his cooperation with independent media.
Zhbankou was asked to be in the panel of the judges by Ihar Sukmanau, the programming director of Minsk International Film Festival Listapad. The Festival’s organisers sent him a formal invitation and a letter confirming his participation in the jury.
“But then Mariya Kudravatych, the festival’s international coordinator, phoned and told me sadly that she was very sorry but they had to withdraw your invitation. It got through to me quickly and I asked: “As far as I’ve understood the decision was taken by someone at the highest level? ” She answered: “Yes, it so happened.” It turns out that there are not only blacklisted musicians in our country…” Maxim Zhbankou told Belsat TV.
The film critic stressed that a similar situated created in late 90-ies when he was working for Soros Foundation. “After that there was a two-year silent ban towards me. I believe that a kind of verbal direction still exists, not only in my case. A feeling of strange absurdity of everything happening is keeping up. It would seem why one should be afraid of a film critic? But as we can see I turned out to be among unwelcome persons,” the publicist stated.
According to the information obtained from the festival’s press office, Zhbankou’s participation was not cleared with the “higher management”. But hey refused to qualify who gave the order.
Since a new TV season started Maxim Zhbankou has been working as a TV program presenter on our channel.
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