“That’s where my talent and brilliance are”: President’s latest gems

The Belarusian leader revealed the secret of his success and explained why nobody managed to find his $11bn. On October 7, 2012 state-owned TV and radio company “Mir” showed some fragments of the exclusive interview recorded on October 4.
Recipe for success
“I remember those first elections when after the Soviet Unions’ collapse people felt that we were going down the drain. As those lame, lying-down for years, seriously ill people did not trust their children they got up, came to vote for Lukashenka, some were being littered. How can I let them down? Who am I against such peoples will and feelings?! I would be a moron and bastard if I betrayed my people. That’s where my talent and brilliance are. I have never proclaimed something I did not or could not accomplish,” Lukashenka said in response to a question about his success.
“Nobody has found Lukashenka’s money yet”
“I was taxed with a lot of things, e.g I have $11bn <…>,” the President said. “The matter is they needed to hurt me in one way or the other during the election campaign. But the people did not believe in it. I put it baldly: I have that $11bn. Even Bush once said so. I wrote him a letter: take them. If there is $11bn it is impossible to hide them. There must be 11 waggons of money. I say to you, take them away. Nobody has found and taken away Lukashenka’s money yet. And what’s the main, the people do not credit the story – and they rightly do. Well, Lukashenka is no bowl of cherries, but he is fair,” the Belarusian leader told about himself.
Brussels politicians are not aware of our country
Aliaksandr Lukashenka called Belarus – EU relations “nothing but continuous example of how the European Union is eager to turn not only history but our country around”.
“I have just looked up in the document: EU officials and politicians were discussing after the [Belarusian – Belsat] parliamentary elections. As not a single oppositionist entered the parliament, I’m quoting here, “the elections were undemocratic.”Look, it’s nonsense! And would they be democratical if one or two oppositionists had got into [the parliament – Belsat]?! ” Lukashenka was filled with indignation.
According to him, foreign observers admire Belarusian elections on the q.t. but their reports include the facts “prepared by Brussels politicians who might well not know where Belarus is located, and even if they do they believe that there is nothing except a bog and two rivulets”.
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