Klaskouski: Venezuela may alienate support of Belarusian regime

Caracas gave a present of $3bn to Lukashenka, common opposition candidate Henrique Capriles, Chavez’s electoral competitor, tallied up.
According to political analyst Aliaksandr Klaskouski, even now a number of Belarusian projects are being implemented very slowly, the reasons for sluggishness being inefficient economy, corruption, low labour discipline, etc. “When there is a change of regime most of them will be put paid to,” Klaskouski said.
In his opinion, Chavez’s political well-being is likely to be baffled by both health problems and his formidable opponent Henrique Capriles, the governor of a Venezuelan state. If Capriles goes out at the oncoming elections on October 7, he might well win at the next presidential vote. “Chavez is not eternal,” the expert told Belsat TV.
“Capriles may be called pro-American but it is him who appeals to national interests. He tells people: “Why should we lash out on Russian weapon and some under-the-counter projects with Belarus?” In his estimation, Chavez allegedly granted $3bn to official Minsk,” the political analyst said.
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