Makey’s speech at UN General Assembly: assault on USA

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Belarus unveiled a “double standard” in foreign policy of “the major Powers”.
According to him, the major Powers were willing to go to any lengths to cater to the interests of their “friends” but when it came to engagement with their opponents, they employed “force inoculation” of democracy and human rights. “Guided solely by their own interests, these parties who where shaking your hand yesterday, today openly contributed to your downfall,” he said.
The Belarusian Minister mentioned Cuba as an instance saying that “its people took a historic choice 50 years ago to pursue an independent development path”. Attempts to make anyone do something against their will were doomed to fail, he warned. “The time of imperialism, in whatever lofty slogans it is now being dressed — ‘democracy’, ‘human rights’, or ‘good governance’ — is irreversibly gone,” the Foreign Minister declared.
After the tirade in favour of the Cuban regime Uladzimir Makey dropped a hint of the situation in Syria speaking against the pressure on al-Assad. According to him, international law may be amended only on condition that all the UN member counries express their consent. International law must be made fully functional, he emphasized, cautioning that “trendy concepts”, such as humanitarian intervention and the responsibility to protect, must be eschewed.
The UN Security Council still has not built up any common agreement on the 18-month Syrian conflict. Russia and China vetoed three resolutions of the USA, Great Britain and France which supported the opposition and urged al-Assad to resign.
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