Three Hrodna residents convicted of ‘violence against law enforcement officers’

Hrodna, protest march, September 6. Photo: Vasil Mauchanau /

The trial over the events of September 6, 2020 was held in Hrodna. Three defendants were found guilty of “violence against law enforcement officers”, reported.

Judge Dzmitry Kedal chose an open-type correctional facility as a punishment for all three. Illya Palanyankin and Piotr Hretski received 3 years of punishment each, while Ian Dailida – 3.5. They were tried under Articles 342 (“Organization and preparation of group actions that grossly violate public order”) and 364 (“Violence or threat of violence against an employee of the Interior”) of the Criminal Code.

During the investigation Illya Palanyankin was in custody – he was recognized as a political prisoner. During that time his wife gave birth to a daughter. He was released on his own recognizance pending the appeal of the verdict. Dailida and Hretski were under house arrest before the trial.

Last year another protest march was to have taken place in Hrodna on September 6th. Protesters gathered at six points in the city to march on Savetskaya Square. But already at this stage severe detentions began. The remaining people, who still made it to the center, were finally dispersed on Yanka Kupala Avenue. During the arrests both men and women were strangled and dragged along the asphalt. Police sprayed tear gas in their faces. In response, they started throwing bottles at the riot police.