Book by Belsat journalists considered extremist before court decision

On March 26 a Minsk court will hear a case about the book “Belarusian Donbas”. There is big chance the book may be declared extremist.

The book was authorrf by Belsat journalists Ihar Ilyash and Katsyaryna Andreyeva.

Minsk Department of Internal Affairs on Air Transport insists that the book contains “signs of inciting racial, national or religious hatred, propaganda of exclusivity, preference or inferiority of citizens on the grounds of their belonging to racial, national or religious affiliation, propaganda of public demonstration of Nazi symbols and attributes, materials and instructions on explosives, which can be used in planning and committing terrorist acts by blowing up civil and (or) military facilities”.

Last year, on December 12, journalist Raman Vasyukovich, who had the book “Belarusian Donbas” on him was detained at the National Airport. The book was taken away and not returned. Now the journalist is awaiting an administrative trial for “distribution or transportation of extremist items”. The court date is set for March 12, i.e. two weeks earlier than the deadline for declaring the book extremist.