90 days of administrative arrest in total: Homiel protester tried again

The Belarusian authorities continue to exert pressure on Homiel resident Anastasiya Peravoshchykava; the current persecution seems to be their retaliation for the girl’s involvement in the protest movement.

In late February, Belsat.eu reported the story of Anastasiya; by that moment, the protester had got five 15-day jail terms, i.e. 75 days in custody.

According to our source, Peravoshchykava has been recently tried and sentenced again. She is to be held in the remand prison until May 9, Anastasiya said in a letter to her mother.

All the protocols on the detainee were drawn up by police lieutenant colonel Krotau who works at Navabelitsa district police department.

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On February 6, Anastasiya Peravoshchykava was released after serving her first 15-day term, but two days later, she was taken away again. After that, Anastasiya was tried at least six times, and the total number of days she is to spend in jail totalled to 90. Moreover, the girl’s home and her grandfather’s place were searched by the police, which resulted in confiscating the family’s equipment.

The reason why she came to the local authorities’ attention was her allegedly taking photos with white-red-white сolours and designing a model of Navabelitsa district protesters’ flag, her mother believes. The girl is also accused of taking part in at least ten rallies.

Belarusian human rights activists have informed UN Special Rapporteurs of the outrageous situation Anastasiya Peravoshchykava found herself in.

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