Political prisoner Maksim Znak tells about his transfer to Vitsebsk

Lawyer Maksim Znak. Screenshot from the Stream

Political prisoner and lawyer Maksim Znak, a member of the Presidium of the Coordinating Council for settlement of the political crisis, described his emotions about his move to a Vitsebsk jail in a letter. The prisoner believes that he won’t stay at this address for long, either.

“Winter for some people always comes unexpectedly. I was getting ready to go to bed when suddenly I found myself scurrying around in a confined space thinking, ‘What else would I take, and what would be better to throw away?'” Alyaksandr Znak quotes his brother’s letter.

Maksim Znak describes his adventures with folding and unpacking his belongings, which since his detention on 9 September 2020, have accumulated and amounted to more than he could transport. He compares it to Hercules’ exploits in the Augean stables. But even after the audit, coping with the bags wasn’t easy:

“Running with four bags when you’re feeling a little stiff (and for a valid reason) is quite a thrill of fitness. But the regular passengers of even the expensive train car have never been delivered so close to the train. Almost gangway to gangway – spectacular!”

In addition, Znak shared his impressions of a book he liked.

He finds surprisingly many positive things about his situation:

“Another impression of the day: I got to a place that was built later than 1826. It happened for the first time in a long while. That’s why I consider all the pluses of decorating as a discovery. And after lunch, I asked to give my compliments to the chef”.