Group of 85 migrants tries to cross border from Belarus to Poland (VIDEO)

The Polish Border Guard has published a video of 85 people allegedly trying to cross the border from the Belarusian side illegally. This is a record-breaking large group of migrants for the current year.

According to Polish border guards, the video was filmed on a thermal camera at night on August 7. All 85 migrants turned out to be Iraqi citizens. As a result, the migrants were taken into custody at a center for foreigners.

Usually, migrants cross the border in much smaller groups. But during the day, there can be several hundred border crossers.

The other day, Polish border guards recorded 191 attempts to cross the border illegally, detained 36 foreigners, and it seems that the rest could have been sent back to the country they came from. Earlier, they detected the same number of attempts and detained 17 people.