Zhdanovichy resident heavily fined for two stickers in elevator

Yuliya Hrynevich, 54, has been fined 1,160 for two stickers in the elevator, reports HRC Viasna.

Zhdanovichy police filed two reports under Article 24.23 of the Administrative Code for picketing in the elevator of her house. According to the reports, “on April 21 and 22, around 8 a.m., in the elevator of her house in Zhdanovichy Yuliya Hrynevich put up two WRW stickers, thus holding a solitary picket.”

During the hearing, Judge Alyaksei Krapachou asked her why she placed the stickers and whether it was related to the situation in the country. In the case file, there were also photos from the surveillance cameras in the elevator, which showed Yuliya.

Yuliya told the court that she was taking care of her mother and had official confirmation.

The trial on the case lasted 7 minutes: Judge of Minsk city court Krapachou had time to read the case materials, listen to Yuliya, and decide. The result was a fine of 40 basic (1,160 rubles).