Anatol Bokun, leader of the Belaruskali strike committee, detained

Unidentified people have detained a leader of the Belaruskali strike committee, Anatol Bokun, the telegram channel of the strike committee reports. Nevertheless, Anatol managed to report that he was being detained.

Anatol Bokun. Photo: saligprskorg / Vkontakte

In the morning, Anatol reported that unknown persons blocked him in his parents’ house and were likely to detain him. However, the circumstances of the incident remain unclear.

Co-chairman of Belaruskali striking committee Anatol Bokun has been detained more than once before. He has served a total of 55 days in jail since August 31, of which 40 days in a row. In December, a group of people, including Anatol, was detained in the Four Elements Park in Salihorsk. However, all the detainees were released from the police department with protocols filed under Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code.