Woman jailed for 25 days for walking with umbrella

The Mikhailau family, detained the other day in Prylukskaya Slabada, is on trial in Minsk. The family members are being accused of being “active participants in a flash mob, organized on Peramozhtsau Avenue,” reports Telegram-channel “Viasna”.

The police detained the participants of the flash mob several days ago. The girls were walking in Minsk with white-red-white umbrellas. Yulia Mikhailava was among those arrested. The law enforcers searched her house and arrested her relatives. The police explained that “during the authorized inspection of the house [of Mikhailau’s family] they found paraphernalia, which is associated with a protest”.

Yulia said that after the arrest the law enforcers shouted at her and threatened her, applying psychological pressure. The girl said that she was walking along the avenue with a white umbrella, she did not chant anything, did not wave with anything and did not say anything.

Judge Viktoryia Shabunya sentenced Yulia Mikhailava to 25 days of arrest. The girl was tried under part 3 of article 24.23 of the Administrative Code because the girl was detained for the sixth time.

Her brother Pyotr and mother Tatsyana are awaiting trial. Her older sister Liliya was released later that day, as she has minor children.