EU may announce 4th sanction package against Lukashenka regime in week or two – Tsikhanouskaya’s aide


On Thursday, EU member countries submitted their proposals regarding the fourth package of sanctions which might be introduced against the representatives of the Lukashenka regime in the near future, Franak Vyachorka, an international advisor to Belarusian opposition leader Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya, says on Telegram.

According to him, the policy makers are expected to consider 197 undesirable individuals along with several dozen entities and define the ‘candidates’ for blacklisting on April 12; then the rollout of new sanctions may be announced in a week or two.

However, all EU countries must give their consent to sanctioning a person or a company, Vyachorka stressed. Therefore, the final list may happen to be noticeably shorter.

“At the time being, the Lukashenka regime is among the world leaders in the number of sanctions imposed on it. And there is nothing to be proud of,” the advisor noted.

To date, the number of Belarusians blacklisted by the EU, the USA, the Baltic States, Canada, Switzerland has totallled to 327, Franak Vyachorka adds.

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