New roadmap needed to implement already signed roadmaps

The content of the recently adopted “union programs” of Belarus and Russia is still not precisely known. But a supplementary plan still needs to be drawn up to implement them.

Декрет, который подписали Владимир Путин и Александр Лукашенко. Фото: Пул Первого/Telegram

Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the Russian State Duma and chairman of the parliamentary assembly of the Union State,” wrote in his Telegram channel that to implement the agreements signed on November 4, the Union State will have to make dozens of legislative decisions.

To this end, “one must still “discuss joint steps to ensure legislative decisions” and “work out a road map for the participation of deputies in the implementation of integration processes.”

In addition, after the recent elections to the State Duma of Russia, the Russian side still needs to update the deputies to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union State. This will be discussed at the meeting on Monday and will be addressed with the Belarusian counterparts next week.

Thus, the work plan has not been described in the roadmaps, and Russia is in no hurry to carry out this work.

The content of the “road maps” is known only from the brief description of the Russian government. It follows from that description that there are no agreements on anything specific yet, only agreements to agree on something in the future. The full text of the treaties has not been published.