Chlorine used to torture political prisoners in Belarus

Additional sanctions should be imposed on the regime of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, concluded the Swedish parliamentarians after the report on conditions of detention and torture of the Belarusian political prisoners. Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde notes in her report that chlorine is used against political prisoners. This substance is dangerous to humans in high concentrations and can lead to death. Meanwhile, the number of testimonies about the use of chlorine is growing.

Every day a bucket of water with a high concentration of chlorine is poured on the floor of a small cell. After a few hours, the head hurts, skin starts to itch. Chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party “Hramada” Ihar Borisau has told about the conditions in the detention center on Akrestsina Street. There he spent several days of the 15 days’ punishment for the application for the Freedom Day rally.

“You are put in a cell for 2 with 9 more people. When there’s an excessive concentration of chlorine you start to suffocate. I shared a cell with the guys who had been in the cell with Mikalai Kazlou, they had it even worse, because they were in a two-by-three cell. At first there were six of them in the punishment cell, then they put a homeless man in it and it was impossible to sleep on the concrete floor. And on top of that they had two buckets of chlorine poured into the cell,” says Ihar Barysau.