68-year-old activist sentenced to over two years in prison for alleged insults

Uladzimir Nyapomniashchykh. Photo: Belsat.eu

On 7 April the Savetski District Court of Homiel considered the criminal case against Uladzimir Nyapomniashchykh, a 68-year-old activist of the United Civil Party, a former policeman.

The trial was held behind closed doors, in the building of the jail where Uladzimir was kept. He was accused of insulting and threatening to use violence against a public official (Articles 366 and 369 of the Criminal Code), the prosecutor’s office employee Alesya Zhurauliova, Radio Liberty reports.

Judge Alyaksandr Makhorau sentenced the pensioner to 2 years and 3 months in a penal colony. Uladzimir also has to pay 1,000 BYN in favor of the offended woman.

Last year, Uladzimir Nyapomniashchykh was in jail several times. The first time he was sentenced for being a member of a group of people, who made a collective appeal to the police and the Investigative Committee to deal with police violence. The police treated such a campaign as an “unauthorized event”. The second time the activist was sentenced to jail for a poster on the window. After his arrest, Nyapomniashchykh put up another poster in the window.

In November, he was present at the trial of Ryhor Vasilenka, who replaced the red-green flag on the central square with a white-red-white one. According to the prosecution, Nyapomniashchykh allegedly made some kind of threat to prosecutor Alesya Zhurauliova. The activist says that he only remembers saying “organized criminal group” or “you will answer for everything”, and that was not addressed to the prosecutor.