Political prisoner Alena Maushuk under pressure in jail, relatives report

During a call from the colony, Alena Mauchuk told her relatives that physical and psychological violence was being applied to her, reports dissidentby.

Alena Maushuk. Source: prisoners.spring96.org

“After her mother’s last call, her relatives have been concerned with her condition and worried about Alena’s life,” human rights activists report.

It has also emerged that Alena Maushuk had been deprived of all parcels and visits from her loved ones. She is regularly punished by the administration. She is in a depressed psychological state.

Back in the detention center, Alena lost weight, became ill, and complained in her letters that her legs were falling off. Immediately after the announcement of the sentence, Alena wrote in a notebook “I’m going to hang myself” and showed it to the courtroom. At the detention center, she was put on the register as “prone to take over the administration with hostage-taking and displaying aggression”.

The 44-year-old Alena Maushuk was detained on August 10 in Pinsk. The policemen claimed that she was swinging a stick at the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

On April 30th, a Brest court found her guilty of participation in a mass riot (part 2 of article 293 of the Criminal Code) and sentenced her to 6 years in a general regime colony. Alena is serving her term in penal colony #24 in Rechytsa district.

Alena Maushuk is the mother of three daughters: one is an adult, two are young children. The 10-year-old Angelina was taken straight from school to a social shelter. Alena’s husband Syarhei is also in jail — he had been sentenced to 6.5 years in a strict regime penal colony.