Former Interior Minister Karayeu says migrants plan to cross border again

The Hrodna region inspector Yury Karayeu, who supervises the safety and accommodation of refugees at the trade and logistics center, has said that they do not intend to stay there forever and still want to get to the European Union.

The logistics center “Bruzgi. Hrodna region, Belarus. November 2021. Photo: Jan Maretsky / Streenger

“There are still a large number of them dreaming of entering the European Union. Those who are no longer want to do so agree to return home. Some people are already saying: if not Germany, then Belarus,” Karayeu said.

Karayeu also said that most migrants do not want to leave the world media agenda and that they will somehow remind the world about themselves. “They are not going to be satisfied with life in the TLC forever either.”

On January 7, 35 people tried to force their way from Belarus to Poland, reports the Polish Border Guard Service.

People who tried to cross the border threw stones and branches in the direction of the Polish patrol.