Cuban man previously deported from Belarus is now in Lithuania

Cuban Roberto Valdes Casanueva, deported from Belarus, is now in Lithuania, the head of the initiative “BYSOL,” Andrey Stryzhak wrote on Facebook.

Roberto Valdes Casanueva and Andrey Stryzhak. Photo: Andrej Stryzhak / Facebook

Roberto Valdes Casanueva has been evacuated and is safe in Lithuania. Thanks to everyone who took part in this operation. It seems that there were at least fifty people who did a lot for his freedom. Now Roberto is in no danger, and it will be the first good night of peace in a long time,” wrote Andrey Stryzhak.

The 55-year-old Cuban had lived in Belarus for 30 years. He has a family and three children. He was arrested during a march on November 8, last year. Later he was sentenced to 15 days in jail. He was never released.

The man spent over a year in Akrestsin jail, awaiting deportation. On November 10, he was deported to Cuba.