Denmark initiates fifth package of sanctions against Lukashenka’s regime

According to Franak Vyachorka, adviser to Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya, a new sanctions package is already on the table of 27 EU ministers.

“This is the first time that Denmark (!) has initiated sanctions. They have never done this before. Now is the stage of coordination. They may add or remove someone from the list,” he noted.

Franak Vyachorka, adviser and head of the foreign policy department at the headquarters of Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya. Vilnius, Lithuania. October 19, 2021. Photo: MK/Belsat

According to Vyachorka, the fifth package is a response to the migration crisis. A week ago, there were plans to postpone sanctions until December, but the ministers decided not to wait. Belavia and companies servicing the delivery of migrants may fall under sanctions.

Advisor to Tsikhanouskaya also recalled that the U.S. sanctions against Belaruskali would be enacted on December 8. He believes that “it will be really painful for the regime.”

“The blame for the sanctions lies on Lukashenka and his gang. The sanctions can be stopped by releasing all political prisoners, stopping the migration crisis, and starting a dialogue with the people,” notes Vyachorka.