Lukashenka seeks to increase role of Security Council in ‘countering extremism and terrorism’

On June 4, Alyaksandr Lukashenka signed a decree “On measures to ensure national security.”

The document envisages enhancing the role of the Security Council “in the protection of the independence, territorial integrity, sovereignty and constitutional order of the Republic of Belarus, maintenance of civil peace and harmony in the country, combating extremism and terrorism.”

The Council of Ministers has been instructed to prepare amendments to “On emergency” and “Martial Law” within a month. This is supposedly done “to create additional conditions for prevention and neutralization of risks, challenges, and threats to national security,” considering Lukashenka’s decree of May 9.

What new powers will be given to the Council of the Security Council is still unclear.

  • On May 9, Lukashenka signed the decree “On protection of sovereignty and constitutional order.” The document stipulates that all power is transferred to the Security Council in case of Lukashenka’s violent death. At the same time, a state of emergency or martial law is immediately introduced in the country.
  • On May 18, Lukashenka announced the need to expand the powers of the Security Council and assign “new specific, vital functions” to this body. At the same time, Secretary of State of the Security Council Alyaksandr Valfovich said that the Security Council would receive the status of a state body.