Lviv authorities refuse to buy Belarusian buses not to ‘finance regime’

Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy said that the city authorities had refused to buy 100 Belarusian MAZ buses, as they do not want to “finance the regime” and are planning to support the domestic manufacturer.

Belarus supports its own manufacturer and offers the lowest price, so the Belarusian company beat the Ukrainian competitors and won the tender held by the European Investment Bank.

Now, the city authorities have asked the European Investment Bank to re-tender, as they do not want to “finance the regime.”

“Revolution and the development of a democratic society is the business of the Belarusian people. But we have no right to finance the “regime”. After all, we have Ukrainian producers who need support. If we don’t invest in the development of our machinery industry, how can this industry develop?” says Andriy Sadovy.

Also, the mayor of Lviv asked the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to introduce “protective tariffs” or a duty to purchase public transport abroad, as it can be bought in Ukraine. He urged the mayors of Ukrainian cities, which are now facing such a choice, to choose their own manufacturer.

In January, the Belarusian community of Lviv appealed to the mayor Andriy Sadovy with a request not to buy MAZ buses for the city.

“We appeal to the mayor of the city of Lviv. The information about the purchase of MAZ products in Belarus has caused our surprise and concern.

Andrei Ivanovich, we all know you as a very experienced and intelligent politician. A politician with pro-European views and values. You are loved and trusted by the people of Lviv. Thanks to you, Lviv is one of the most favorite holiday destinations for Belarusians.

We, Belarusians, ask you to make the right decision to take the Belarusian people’s side and not sponsor the bloody regime. Belarusians and Ukrainians have always been together!” says the appeal.