Belarus CEC head explained why voting abroad was canceled

Ihar Karpenka. Photo: BelTA

Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Belarus Ihar Karpenka recently spoke on air of the TV channel “Belarus 1” about the reasons for canceling the voting abroad.

Karpenka called the number of voters the main reason for it.

“About a third of our representative offices do not open because the number of people who can vote at that polling station is less than 20 people”.

The CEC Chair sees other reasons not to open polling stations in countries with more than 20 voters. For example, the small number of embassy staff.

“You know that today there are several restrictions, sanctions and so on, and, of course, there has been optimization of those employees who work there. This also does not allow to organize the work of the stations fully”.

As usual, the Belarusian official paid a lot of attention to preventive measures against coronavirus.

“Safety issues, including sanitary and epidemiological safety. In each country, some restrictive measures do not allow you to organize this work fully”.

Meanwhile, to prevent the coronavirus infection in Belarus, the CEC has only thought of removing the curtains from the voting booths. The CEC does not mention the presence or absence of masks or vaccination in its manuals.