Political prisoner Andrey Voynich gravely ill, needs liver transplantation

Andrey Voynich, a political prisoner and activist of European Belarus, crucially needs medical care. He is currently serving a seven-year jail term.

Аndrey Voyich. Photo: spring96.org

“Andrey is terminally ill. He suffers from cirrhosis of the liver after earlier viral hepatitis, he had his gallbladder removed, he has diabetes, a tumor over the adrenal glands, and many related complications. He is in urgent need of liver transplantation; before the arrest he visited a transplantologist every month,” Andrey’s mother Natallya Voynich said on Facebook.

Over a month ago, Andrey was transferred to penal colony Nr 15. Since then, there have been no letters or calls from him. According to the mother’s information, there he has been placed in punitive confinement twice. Natallya also says that letters from friends and relatives are not being handed over to Andrey. He has been deprived of food parcels and relatives’ visits; he is unable to keep a special diet.

“My son’s life is in danger! He is getting worse every day: he needs urgent hospitalisation and liver transplantation. I demand the immediate release of my son and giving him medical treatment. I appeal to the public: support my son! Please help to get him out of captivity and save his life,” the mother of the political prisoner said.

Andrey Voynich and his associates were brutally detained on 25 September 2020: armed riot policemen who broke into the flat through the door and windows severely battered the arrestees. Together with Yauhen Afnahel, Pavel Yukhnevich, Maksim Vinyarski, Iryna Shchasnaya, Andrey Voynich was charged under Article 293 of the Criminal Code (‘preparation for participation or participation in mass riots’). The trial was held behind closed doors in Mahiliou regional court. On May 25, judge Iryna Lanchava announced a guilty verdicts and sentenced Andrey Voynich to 7 years of imprisonment in a medium security penal colony.

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