IT company employee sentenced to 15 days in jail for subscribing to 'extremist telegram channels'

On November 4, the GUBOPIK detained Volha Kazadoy, an employee of the company’s HR department Godel Technologies, reports the human rights center “Viasna.”

Searches were conducted at the place of residence and registration of the girl. She spent the night in the TDF.

Volha Kazadoy.

A protocol was filed on Volha for the “distribution of extremist materials.” According to it, she stored in her account materials of the telegram channel Basta, which is recognized as “extremist.” The woman stated that she “reads telegram channels, but does not distribute information from them.”

At the trial, the “witness,” who was a policeman, explained that after studying the phone of the detained girl in the police department, he found more than ten channels recognized as “extremist.” At the same time, according to Volha, her phone was taken from her in the GUBOPIK office, where she was brought before the police department, so the witness could not see what she subscribed to.

The woman’s lawyer reminded the judge that “a subscription to a channel is not equal to the possession of extremist materials.” But the judge Yulia Bliznyuk did not consider these arguments and sentenced Volha to 15 days in jail.

The woman also said that in the GUBOPIK office, they wanted to shoot a “confession video” with her, but she refused, as she could not speak.