BPF party leader Ryhor Kastusiou needs operation

Kastusiou is now taking medication, but the situation with his cancer is getting worse.

Ryhor Kastusiou. Source: BPF Party / Facebook

Chairman of the BPF Party Ryhor Kastusiou has been in custody as a defendant in the criminal case of “conspiracy to seize power” since 12 April. He was diagnosed with cancer behind bars. He was transferred to a prison hospital at the beginning of July but was allowed to undergo an examination only a month later. The authorities refused to change the measure of restraint three times.

In a letter to the Mahiliou regional coordinator of the movement “For Freedom” Pyotr Mihurski, Kastusiou said that on 14 October he started to receive some treatment: two injections a day and a lot of pills, Naviny.by wrote.

On 14 October, Kastusiou underwent another ultrasound examination, which showed deterioration of his health situation.

“They say the situation can only be improved by surgery. And this surgery is urgent,” wrote Kastusiou.

There have been no changes in the criminal investigation. In part, investigative actions stopped three months ago, the prisoner says in a letter.

On 27 October, the property of Kastusiou — an apartment in Shklou, a garage and a house in the village — were seized. His car will also be seized.

Letters don’t always get through

“Kastusiou has no information about the outside world, so it is very important that we give him this information. Not all of our letters reach him, it irritates him,” said the Mahiliou regional coordinator of the movement “For Freedom” Pyotr Mihurski.

Mihursky says that out of his 9 letters to Kastusiou, 8 reached him and 10 from Kastusiou reached them. There is a man who wrote 12 letters to Kastusiou, but he received only 5.

“He’s not crying for life, he’s fighting for life, for his freedom,” Mihursky adds. “I wish he would go free soon. But our forces are probably not enough for that. We need the international community to raise the issue of his release as a matter of urgency.”