Minsktrans claims nearly 29K rubles in compensation from two political prisoners for ‘blocking roads’

The “Minsktrans” enterprise recently estimated that during the mass action on September 13, 2020, it had suffered losses of about 29 thousand rubles. The enterprise filed an appealed to court. Political prisoners Ivan Tsahalok and Uladzimir Zhykhar are to pay the compensation, reports the human rights center “Viasna.

“Minsktrans” filed a lawsuit for “compensation of property damage caused by a crime.” The defendants are political prisoners Ivan Tsaholok and Uladzimir Zhykhar.

March of Heroes on September 13, 2020. Photo: Belsat

“Minsktrans” filed a lawsuit to recover 30 thousand rubles from the political prisoners. Later, the amount was reduced to 28,667 rubles. According to the lawyer of “Minsktrans,” these are the figures measured by the “lost revenue” of the company due to the men walking on the roadway.

The lawyer could not answer why this amount was calculated for the period from 14:35 to 20:19, although Ivan and Uladzimir had been on the road for less than an hour.

The trial presided over by Judge Maryia Lyashkevich began on Friday, September 3. But the judge adjourned the hearing until September 8 to allow Minsktrans to gather the necessary documents and evidence that would prove the involvement of Tsahalka and Zhykhar in the downtime of public transport on September 13, 2020, for a full six hours.