‘Machine Is Breathing, and I Am Not’: Police detain organisers of exhibition dedicated to medics’ hard work

Natallya Trenina and Tatsyana Hatsura-Yavorskaya. Photos: zvyano.by

Natallya Trenina and Tatsyana Hatsura-Yavorskaya, who staged The Machine Is Breathing, and I Am Not, the exhibition praising Belarusian medical professionals’ commitment, have been taken into custody, TUT.BY reports.

Natallya Trenina, a member of the Zvyano public association, was detained for 72 hours and placed in the notorious prison on Akrestsin Street, a representative of the Investigative Committee told her mother.

Human rights activist Tatsyana Hatsura-Yavorskaya was also taken to one of Minsk detention facilities, but her husband Uladzimir Yavorski has not yet been provided with exact information about her whereabouts. He has confirmed that the police raided their flat and the office of Zvyano; computer equipment was confiscated.

On Monday afternoon, the organisers of the exhibition stopped answering the phones; according to reports, another Zvyano activist, Yuliya Syamenchanka, was grabbed by the Minsk police. The official reasons for their detention are still unknown.

On March 30, the exhibition dedicated to medics and the challenges they faced last year opened at the venue Mesto. The event was supposed to be open until April 17, but on April 1, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the sanitary service made an unexpected visit to the place. As a result, after less than three days, the exhibition was closed due to the ‘violations found’.

Exhibition about medics closed in Minsk after less than three days