Belarus authorities close down Euroradio news bureau in Minsk

Euroradio editor-in-chief Pavel Svyardlou (L) during work. 1 September 2020. Photo: ТК / Belsat

The corresponding information has been published on the National Legal Internet Portal of Belarus on Monday.

The Council of Ministers adopted the resolution “On Closing the Correspondent Office of the European Radio for Belarus LLC’ on July 2 and later included in the National Register.

The authorities’ decision did not came as a suprise to the Euroradio team, but it was like a cold shower, editor-in-chief Pavel Svyardlou wrote on Facebook.

In August 2020, access to the Euroradio website was blocked in Belarus; its journalists have been working without accreditation since last autumn. From now on, the crew will not have a news bureau in Minsk.

European Radio for Belarus (ERB, Euroradio) is an international media outlet that provides news and entertainment content. It was launched in February, 2006.

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