NZ firm finds alternative to Belarusian potash amid tensions

Workers of the 3rd ore department. Photo by Belaruskali.

Ravensdown, which supplies about half of New Zealand’s fertilizers, has found an alternative supply of potash from Canada due to increased tensions in Belarus, the New Zealand “stuff” reports.

According to Ravensdown spokesman Garrett Richards, relatively few companies are exporting potash in the world, and they are located in Canada, Germany, Russia, and Belarus.

“The Belarus Potash Company that Ravensdown sources from has briefed us on the current difficulties there,” Richards said. “We have remained cautious about developments and, among other actions to manage risk, this prompted us to secure a shipment from Canada last year,” Richards said.

“Ravensdown is closely monitoring the situation and will follow Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade guidance and advice if or as that changes,” he added.

Ravensdown used to receive potash from the Belarusian Potash Company.

Recall that a new package of EU sanctions will affect the state economic sector and private businesses close to Alexander Lukashenko. Even the country’s potash industry may fall under sanctions.