Poland’s border service signs contracts on constructing wall on border with Belarus

Seeking to prevent illegal migration flows, Polish border guards have signed three agreements on the details of constructing a fence on the border with Belarus.

The length of the so called wall is expected to be about 186 km, Wioletta Gorzkowska, commander-in-chief of the Border Guard Sevice, said calling the construction project ‘the largest investment’. According to her, the state allocates almost 1.5 bn PLN (over $370 mln) to it.

The government plans to build the 5.5-metre fence equipped with motion sensors and a monitoring system by July 2022. The building area will be divided into four sections, in which the construction works will be carried out simultaneously. 50 tons of steel and more than 40,000 poles will reportedly be used. 22 gates will be built in the fence for the purposes of animal migration and identity check.

The Polish Parliament approved the proposal to construct a wall on the border with Belarus in late October, amid the unprecedented migration crisis fostered by the Lukashenka regime.

As reported earlier, Lithuania also began construction of a 4-metre-high fence on its border with Belarus. The Lithuanian fence has two elements and consists of barbed wire pyramids. Its border with Belarus is planned to be fully fenced by September 2022.

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