Ukraine continues cooperation with Belarusian security services

The Ukrainians have extradited 16 citizens of Belarus, 5 times contacted the Belarusian special services about terrorism, hundreds of times about border violations, and various criminal offenses.

Exemplary image. Colonel Mikalai Karpyankou, head of GUBOPIK, breaking glass in a cafe in Minsk. September 6, 2020. Photo:

The Ukrainian initiative “Free Belarus Center” has reported about the response of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to the request of the Verkhovna Rada deputy Inna Savsun regarding cooperation with the Belarusian State Security Committee and other bodies.

This year, 16 citizens of Belarus have been extradited from Ukraine to Belarus and other countries. There are no details about who these citizens are and why they were extradited.

The Ukrainian Security Service still exchanges information with the Belarusian KGB as part of a deal from 1992 and protocols signed in 1993-2006. The police cooperate with the “competent authorities” in Belarus on behalf of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

In 2021, the Ukrainian police executed 6 of 19 requests for international legal assistance in criminal cases from the Belarusian security services, and 13 more requests are currently being processed.

In January-July, the Ukrainian police had 378 contacts with the Belarusian enforcers through Interpol. The contacts concerned fraud (25 times), missing persons (19), murders and drug trafficking (17 times each), thefts and robberies (16), other violent crimes against life and health (13), organization of illegal migration (9), corruption and official crimes (8), car search (7), bodily injury and terrorism (5).

The Ukrainian Border Guard Service has sent 22 information reports to the Belarusian side about detecting smuggled goods and various joint actions during the seven months of 2021 and received 20 reports. Ukraine has sent 231 reports on violations of the state border and received 211.