Lukashenka speaks about attempted murder of Azaronak

During a meeting on the occasion of Independence Day, Alyaksandr Lukashenka spoke about the attempted murder of STV employee Ryhor Azaronak, reports Telegram channel “Pool of the First.”

Lukashenka said that investigators had identified terrorist cells in Belarus, waiting for their time to come. Germany, the United States, Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania are involved in creating them.

“There was an attempt to kill Azaronak. It happened last night,” stated Lukashenka.

Lukashenka also added that the purpose of the murder was to deprive him of his mobility, seize him, and throw him into the trunk. To take him to the woods, to cut off his tongue.

Ryhor Azaronak at the trial of Volha Kalatskaya. Minsk, Belarus. March 23, 2021. Photo: AB / Belsat

In response, Lukashenka ordered a complete closure of the border with Ukraine.

“A large number of weapons are coming from Ukraine into Belarus. That’s why I instructed the border troops to completely close the border with Ukraine,” Lukashenka said.