Riot police attack Hrodna souvenir shop

The “Admetnasts” (distinctiveness -ed.) store after the breakdown. Hrodna, Belarus. Photo: Belsat.

In the morning, representatives of the ideology department of the Hrodna City Executive Committee came there. They asked to remove some goods that did not comply with the law on advertising.

They again complained about the white and red colors and the goods, which allegedly “violate the political rights of citizens.”

The representative of the ideology department did not say what kind of goods they were.

Red candles were taken out of the store, and the white ones are still there. Hrodna, Belarus. Photo: Belsat

Law enforcement officers have now taken the goods, colored white and red, from the “Admetnast” store. The head of Hrodna riot police Viktar Krautsevich and deputy chief of the police department of Leninski district police department of Hrodna Alyaksei Vaitsehka came to the store.

The events in the “Admetnasts” store can be called a smashing. The law enforcers even tore down the advertising banner of the store.

Volha Verameienka, an employee of the store, was detained under Article 24.23 of the Administrative Code.

The police take the boxes with the goods out of the “Admetnast” store. Hrodna, Belarus. Photo: Belsat