Play about protests in Belarus sabotaged in Moscow

On May 1, the premiere of Sergei Gindilis’ play “Neighbors,” dedicated to the Belarusian protests in August 2020, was sabotaged. It was to be shown at the independent Moscow ‘Theatre.doc’ the Russian service of Radio Liberty reports.

About half an hour after the performance started, police officers entered the hall, interrupting the actors. They informed the audience that there was a bomb threat. Everyone was forced to leave the hall.

The actors continued the show outside. The police warned them and the audience that they could be detained.

Promo poster of the performance. Photo:

The play’s authors, including Belarusians (Katsyaryna Finevich, Syarhei Barsuk, Dasha Dzyamura) and Russians (Ksenia Tereschenko and Sergei Gindilis), offer viewers a look at the events of August 2020 through the eyes of people who suffered from the terror of the security forces.

“A doctor, a student, an emigrant who returned home these days, a producer, an actress, and a receptionist at the Minsk train station talk about what they had to go through in the summer of 2020,” the play’s description reads.