Belarus and Russia to sign agreement on military-technical cooperation until 2025

On February 4, the National Legal Internet Portal published Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s decree # 28, “On the draft international treaty” of February 2. The treaty means a draft agreement between the governments of Belarus and Russia on the program of military-technical cooperation until 2025.

The draft agreement will be the basis for the talks. The State Military-Industrial Committee will negotiate it. It will be possible to make amendments to the agreement, which are not fundamental.

The decree will come into force on the day of its signing.

The agreement’s text on the military-technical cooperation program has not been published.

In February, an unscheduled Russian-Belarusian military exercise, “Union Resolve 2022,” will be held on Belarus’s southern and western borders.

The joint exercise is part of a large-scale inspection of Belarus’s Union State reaction forces. The first stage should be completed by February 9. It includes redeployment and groupings of troops, protection of air space, and assessment of the air defense forces’ readiness. The second stage is from February 10 to 20 and will consist of the exercise “Union Resolve” proper. Colonel-General Alyaksandr Famin, the deputy minister of defense, says that they plan to train the troops to act “within their responsibility and to solve issues of dealing with crises in any threatened directions.”

On the eve of the exercise, many Russian military equipment and service members were redeployed to Belarus.