Belarus to create common educational space with Russia

Sample photo. Photo: Belsat

On September 30, a Declaration on the activities of schools in Russia and Belarus was signed. According to the Russian Ministry of Education, the document was “one of the steps to create a common educational space for professional communication, dissemination of best pedagogical experience of specialists from the two countries.”

Also, regulations on the association of Belarusian and Russian schools are prepared, and the work on joint development of criteria for selection and involvement of educational organizations continues.

It is planned to hold a forum with the participation of headteachers of the two countries by the end of 2021 to determine the areas of activities and approve the long-term work plan, to adopt a regulation on the association, and to create the working groups.

The Ministry noted that Russia and Belarus in the field of education are holding a whole range of events aimed at strengthening friendly ties between students, “patriotic education of the younger generation, promoting the development of youth tourism, identifying and supporting talented and gifted children in the field of scientific and technical creativity, developing their interest in engineering and technical professions and research activities, as well as popularizing the cadet movement, promoting the intellectual, cultural, physical and moral development of children, fostering a sense of intergenerational continuity based on familiarity with the common historical past. ”