President of Poland issues decree on state of emergency on border with Belarus

The decision to declare a state of emergency on the territory of Podlaskie and Lubelskie voivodeships was published on September 2. A proposal to this effect was handed over to the president by the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, August 31.

The decision to declare a state of emergency has been made due to the particular threat to citizens and public order, which is associated with the situation on the state border between Poland and Belarus, reads the statement of the presidential office.

The decree does the following:

  • It suspends the right to organize and conduct meetings, public events, and cultural and entertainment events in the area of emergency, even if they are not mass.
  • Citizens over the age of 18 and staying in the state of emergency zone are required to have a document proving their identity, for those under 18s – a school certificate.
  • Staying in certain places, facilities, and areas at certain times is prohibited.
  • Using technical means to record certain places, objects, and territories becomes illegal.
  • Possession of firearms, ammunition, explosives becomes restricted, carrying them becomes prohibited.
  • Access to the public information about the activities carried out in the state of emergency zone in connection with protecting the state border and combating illegal migration becomes restricted.

The Office of the President has emphasized it had selected the least restrictive measures from the State of Emergency Law.

The area covered by the state of emergency will be determined by a separate decision. However, most likely, it will be the 183 locations proposed by the Council of Ministers within three kilometers of the border with Belarus.

The decree entered into force on the day of its publication.