No Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Belarus this year

To be eligible to participate in the contest, a country must be an active member of the European Broadcasting Union, which suspended the membership of Belteleradiocompany in May this year. The BTRC was in charge of sending the Belarusian delegation to the contest.

The Junior Eurovision 2021 will be held in Paris in December 2021. It will be attended by 19 countries. Belarus is not among them, as follows from the press release published on the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) website. Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Georgia, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Malta, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, and Ukraine will compete.

Belarus has been a participant of the Junior Eurovision since its inception in 2003. The Belarusians have won the competition twice: Ksenia Sitnik in 2005 and Alyaksei Zhyhalkovich in 2007.

Belarus did not participate in this year’s Eurovision, which was held in March. The European Broadcasting Union banned the song “I’ll teach you” of the band from Baranavichy, “Halasy ZMesta,” calling it too politically motivated. Even changing the song did not help since Belarus was excluded from the competition. In response, Belarusian television refused to broadcast Eurovision-2021.