Sevyarynets’ trial will be closed, even to relatives

Pavel Sevyarynets, organizer of the protest. Photo – Iryna Arakhouskaya,

Pavel Sevyarynets, co-chair of Belarusian Christian Democracy and representatives of “European Belarus,” will be tried in Mahiliou on May 12. The trial will be closed.

“The trial of Pavel Seviarynets and “European Belarus” will be closed, even for the relatives. It’s a pity, we will learn nothing about their sensational investigation, or maybe it’s just a case of nothing and it’s a shame for just anyone to see it,” the wife of the BCD co-chair, Volha Sevyarynets, wrote on Facebook.

She also noted that the politician was transferred from Minsk to Mahiliou jail on April 23.

“They were taken by train in a Stolypin wagon all night with his hands in handcuffs. Around 8 a.m., he arrived at Mahiliou pre-detention center, where he was kept in a “glass” all day, and only in the evening was he transferred to a cell. He had to leave most of the things and all the letters sent by people (about 2 thousand) at ‘Valadarka’ jail because it was impossible to move them with handcuffed hands. He wasn’t allowed to give the things back to the family, and, as a result, they were probably just thrown away,” stated Volha Sevyarynets.

Pavel Sevyarynets has been behind bars since June 2020. Yauhen Afnahel, Pavel Yukhnevich, Dzmitry Kazlou, Maksim Vinyarski and Andrei Voynich will be tried together with him. They are all accused of rioting.