CEC publishes results of recent referendum

Members of the Central Election Commission have summarized the results of the so-called referendum, which was held on February 27. The commission ruled unanimously that the referendum had been held.

Campaigning before the referendum which will be held on February 27, 2022. Minsk, Belarus. February 19, 2022. Photo: Belsat.

CEC signed the protocol on the results of the “national referendum,” as well as unanimously adopted a corresponding resolution.

According to the CEC calculations, 4, 440, 830 citizens of Belarus voted for the adoption of amendments and additions to the Constitution of Belarus, which comprised 82.86% of voters or 65.16% of those registered on the voting lists. Officially, 12.78% of voters voted against the adoption of amendments and additions to the Constitution.

The commission does not report how many ballots were declared invalid or spoiled.

Before the elections, the opposition forces called on citizens to put crosses in front of each answer. An independent vote count has not yet been announced.

The European Union believes that the constitutional referendum in Belarus was held in conditions of widespread human rights violations and violent repression against all segments of Belarusian society.