Trucker who blocked road sentenced to 7 years in prison

The court of Savetski district of Minsk has passed a sentence upon political prisoner Dzmitry Dubkou. As requested by the prosecutor, the man received seven years’ imprisonment in a reinforced regime colony, writes the human rights center “Viasna”.

The man was charged under Part 3 Article 214 (wrongful possession of a vehicle with the use or threat of violence) and Part 2 Article 293 (participation in riots). According to investigators, on the night of August 10-11, a 29-year-old trucker participated in the protests near Minsk metro station “Pushkinskaya”. He was asked to block the road with someone else’s car. And so he did. The political prisoner allegedly threatened police with an object similar to a gun.

Dzmitry claimed that he was indeed asked to move the vehicle, but there was no prior agreement and no gun. The man immediately returned the keys and refused to drive into the police force.

“This is unacceptable in a state of law, I have been held captive for six months. The state media accused me of being one of the attackers. I do not agree with the results of the election, because the state is acting in the interests of one person. I don’t understand why this is happening. Now hundreds are in jail for nothing, and they are being held captive by one person who claimed his crimes,” Dubkou summed up in his last statement.

He received six years of imprisonment under Article 214, and five more under Article 293, which made it seven years of cumulative sentence. He was also ordered to pay a fee of 890 rubles 40 kopecks.