Former director of environmental organisation APB Birdlife gets 12 days in jail

APB representative Viktar Fyanchuk. Photo:

Viktar Fyanchuk, a former head of the environmental watchdog Protection of Motherland’s Birds (aka APB Birdlife), was sentenced to 12 days in jail.

It is still unknown under which article he was charged. Now the ecologist is being kept in the detention centre on Akrestsin Street.

Viktar Fyanchuk was detained on August 31, and the organisation’s office was searched on the same day. During the raid, officers behaved ‘properly’, Alyaksandr Vincheuski, the incumbent director of the organisation, said.

“They came to the office, they had a [search] warrant. They demanded copies of some financial documents be shown; they checked out the employees’ phones and left. There were many things mentioned in the warrant, including a a whole paragraph of articles,” Vincheuski told Mediazona.

In November 2020, Fyanchuk was detained for participating in a protest march in Minsk. Then he got 15 days in jail.

In 2014, Viktar Fyanchuk moved to Brest region and settled down on the outskirts of Belavezhskaya Pushcha. He participated in a program in support of preserved areas, which is carried out by the Protection of Motherland’s Birds, Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park under the sponsorship of Frankfurt Zoological Society (Germany).

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