No more Škoda imports in Belarus, even from Russia

Skoda cars in the dealer’s parking lot. Minsk, Belarus, April 24, 2021. Photo: AV / Belsat

On May 5, it will be forbidden to import Škoda cars to Belarus from all countries, including Russia, reports.

“The ban also applies to EAEU countries, which means cars that are made in Russia,” the State Border Committee said during a telephone interview.

New importation rules apply to both new and used cars. But the ban will not apply to vehicles registered in the EEU member-states or temporarily imported into the customs territory of the EEU, including for personal use.

In January, Škoda, Nivea, and Liqui Molly said they would not sponsor the World Hockey Championship in Belarus because of the violence and political repression in the country. As a result, the International Ice Hockey Federation decided to deprive Minsk of the right to host the tournament.

Very soon, the designated companies faced pressure from the official Minsk. On April 23, a special decree #240 of the Council of Ministers banned imports from Liqui Moly, Škoda Auto, and Beiersdorf in Belarus. The document will come into force on May 5 and will last for six months.