‘Round dance’ case heard again in Brest

The so-called “round dance case” hearing continues in Brest. At the moment the second dozen defendants are on trial. The prosecutor has made public punishment demands of the accused in Leninski district court, the correspondent of Belsat reports.

The prosecutor spoke in court on the so-called “round dance case,” where ten more people are suspects. The prosecution has demanded 1.8 years in general regime colony for Dzmitry Bunevich and up to 1.5 years in prison for Alyaksei Artsetski.

Alyaksei Baranouski, Dzmitry Kachurka and Uladzimir Talatynik are facing 1.5 years of freedom restriction, Dzmitry Abramuk and Pavel Brukho — two years, while Henadz Misuta — 1.5 years of “home” freedom restriction. It is still unknown what punishment is requested for Valyantsina Zhukouskaya and Syarhei Naliuka.

Continuation of the “round dance case” in Brest. Photo: Belsat

The so-called “round dance” case was initiated in Brest after the events of September 13, 2020. Back then, people were dancing at the Brest protests, and law enforcement officers used water cannons for the first time since August. All in all, there are more than 50 defendants in the process. People are tried under Article 342 of the Criminal Code (“Organization and preparation of actions that grossly violate public order”). Judge Dzmitry Shurin will read out the verdict for the above-mentioned people on March 15.

Hearing of the riot case in Brest. Photo: Milana Kharytonava/Belsat.eu

Svyataslau Kalina sentenced the first ten defendants.

Foreign languages teacher Maryna Hlazava and Yaraslau Yarashuk, 25, was sentenced to 1.5 years of “house arrest” each (restriction of liberty without placement in an open-type institution). With the deduction of time spent in jail and under house arrest, Hlazava has 11 months left to serve her sentence. Maryna Siratsan, a 20-year-old student of the Belarusian State University’s Philharmonic Department, was sentenced to a year of freedom restriction.

Seven more defendants were given the usual sentence (restriction of freedom with sending to an open-type correctional facility): Mikalai Fyadarenka, Yauhen Kalpachyk, Alyaksei Yakubuk, Viktar Dzyanisenka and Vital Litsvin – 1.5 years each, Maksim Zharau and Vadzim Varanovich – 2 years each.