KGB head admits hacking attacks on officials

Ivan Tsertsel. Photo:

On July 30, during a meeting with local government officials, the head of the State Security Committee, Ivan Tsertsel, actually admitted to cyber-attacks. A fragment of his speech was shown on the TV channel “Belarus 1” recently.

“Counterintelligence Committee has recorded a sharp increase in the work of foreign intelligence services and related destructive forces against the leaders of the power vertical, security forces, and other government agencies. Using modern information technologies, hackers attack personal data and systematically collect information about the heads of executive committees of various levels and their relatives. Particular attention is paid to relatives who study in Poland, Lithuania, other Western countries, and Ukraine. It is a search for effective leverage to subsequently induce treason. I would ask representatives of Brest and Hrodna regions to pay special attention to this factor,” said Tsertsel.

The KGB head also noted that “information hubs are formed in Kyiv and Vilnius, which will influence the info space of Belarus.”

The hackers showed personal data of KGB head Tsertsel among the hacked data.

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