A decade and a half on the air. 'Belsat seemed to be a difficult task to pursuit.'
15 years ago, Belsat seemed unrealistic project, today it’s a much-needed source of info
Sometimes it seems to me that I am still a prisoner
At the beginning of September, Belsat journalist Darya Chultsova was released after two years from Lukashenka’s regime prison. She was arrested for reporting on protests. We met Darya in Warsaw to talk about Belarusian people considered enemies of the regime. She also told us how it is to be free in Belarus now.
U.S. government supports Belarusian freedom fighters, ambassador says
We spoke with the US ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski.
Young couple serving three months in jail for private correspondence. Or… for trip to Poland?
26-year-old Syarhei Krupenich and Anastasiya Krupenich-Kandratsieva from Minsk have been in prison since July 15. They have been arrested seven times in a row for ‘distributing extremist materials’. According to human rights activists, they were sentenced for ‘extremism’ in private correspondence – links to various channels recognized as ‘extremist’.
Girl who started picketing IMF in Washington: Belarusians abroad have no right to give up
The IMF decision to allocate almost a billion dollars to Belarus, although Lukashenka continues to hold power in the country, has caused a wave of outrage in society. But the impetus for the new protest was given by one girl. Maryia Zabara started with a single picket and launched a whole stream of protests. We talked to Maryia about the picket near the IMF and the reaction of Belarusians in America.
'People are being tortured in our prisons, as they used to be in concentration camps.' What is Svetlana Alexievich's new book about?
The Belarusian writer, a Nobel laureate, told in an interview to the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza that her new work is dedicated to the Belarusian protests. Here are some statements of Alexievich about the possibility of returning to Belarus, the events of August 2020, and her new book.
US envoy Julie Fisher: ‘West must respond in terms that Lukashenka is able to understand’ (interview)
US Ambassador to Belarus Julie Fisher granted an exclusiveinterview to Belsat TV anchorman Syarhei Padsasonny. The conversation was aired as part of Sunday’s news show Week on May, 30.
More torture, recruitment attempts and resistance in Minsk jail
They wanted to add more days of arrest
US envoy Julie Fisher about Lukashenka: ‘We would speak with him as person exercising power in Minsk’ (interview)
Last week US Ambassador to Belarus Julie Fisher granted an exclusive interview to Belsat TV anchorman Syarhei Padsasonny. The conversation was aired as part of Sunday’s news show Week on May, 2.
Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya meets with President of Austria
Austria can be a platform for negotiations with Lukashenka
'I said goodbye to my family in my head'. Story of man detained at Pushkinskaya metro
They acted as if they wanted to kill people.
Babruisk historian and journalist speaks about arrest and beatings
“The wagons were carrying the crop, but instead of the grain there were people.”