Yulia gets Dagestan

dir. Yury Wysocki, 2016

The new film made at the commission of Belsat TV tells the story of Yulia Yuzik, a journalist and candidate for deputy of Russia’s State Duma of Russia. She has come to the Caucasus and challenged local authorities and traditions of Muslim Dagestan.Yulia, a strong supporter of a rule-of-law state, is engaged in social projects in the Caucasus.

Yulia Yuzik was born in Rostov region in 1981. In November 2003, she published her book Brides of Allah which was later reprinted in nine foreign countries. Russian propagandist outlet accused Yulia of aiding radical terrorism.

In 2016 it became known that Open Elections project by Mikhail Khodorkovsky would support Yulia’candidacy in the parliamentary elections. „I am running up for a seat because I want to contribute to the changes that will soon begin in Russia. I want to be one of those who will bring reforms and prosperity to the Caucasus,”Yulia explains.

Does she have a chance to win?

Directed by Yury Wysocki, 2016

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