Where Is My Flag?

dir. Hanna Halota, 2020

In the documentary “Where Is My Flag?” a story is told about the struggle of the famous Belarusian opposition activist Nina Baginskaya against the government.

Mrs. Nina will soon be 74 years old. In 2020, she did not miss almost any protest against the election fraud and violence by the security forces against peaceful Belarusians. But her personal struggle with the political regime began much earlier.

“I have been in the resistance for over 30 years. First – the communists in the Soviet Union, and then Lukashenka in our country” – says Nina Baginskaya.

For her political activities, Mrs. Nina was fined approximately $ 15,000 in total. The state takes half of her pension, the woman has only 200 rubles left to live.

“The state has already started enforcing fines so that we suffer, and the same fines serve as an example to other people not to go to protests. Because people here are poor, they have little money. And if they pay the fines, they can starve. And that’s why the state began to impose penalties on me. These are the same methods as the fascists’. They take 50 percent of my pension, first they took 20, then more and more. I’m mad at them for that. And I don’t want fascism to steal from me” – says Mrs. Nina.

In her youth, Nina Baginskaya suffered a head injury, now she has epileptic seizures because of that. In the summer, during a seizure, she fell on a gas stove and burned her hands, losing her middle finger. Nevertheless, Mrs. Nina still sews white, red and white flags, which the police are taking from her.

“Why are they fining me for that flag? Why do they dare to pull off that flag? You didn’t sew it! You neither bought the fabric nor carried it. So be patient! Even if you don’t like the flags, as some people do, it’s none of your business! I am not talking about your flags, I am not abducting you, I am not taking them. And you do not have the right to take mine” – Mrs. Nina tells the policemen.

Why does Mrs. Nina attend rallies? Why is she angry at the police and will the petite woman be able to resist the dozen officers who will block her way to the Red Church? Watch the documentary “Where Is My Flag?” to learn about the life and principles of the Belarusian opposition activist Nina Baginskaya.

Reportage, director Hanna Halota, 2020, Belarus

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